The Pain and Pleasure of a Pandemic

It seems there is only one thing on everybody’s mind: COVID 19. In all the conversations I’ve had with friends, families, and neighbors, everyone is having difficulty describing the experience that they are having.  I’ve heard it described as “challenging, trying,...

Write a Letter!

Write a Letter!

We are now into week three of social distancing.  Some days are better than others. Most of us are feeling the sadness and loneliness, at least from time to time, of limited human contact. We are social beings, after all. Imagine being an elderly person in a...


Mental Health and Beauty from the Inside Out You’ve heard the old saying, “beauty is only skin deep?” Well, nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, your external beauty comes from deep within your body. Your mental health is also affected by...

Weight Management

Diet is a Four-Letter Word! I’ve never liked the idea of a “diet”.  Diets mean that there is a starting and a stopping point.  Since when did you “start” eating and then “stop?”  Last time I checked, eating was something we all had to do every day, for...


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