Last week, the government suggested that we implement Social Distancing for 15 days.  In an effort to stave off boredom, loneliness, and feeling a bit out of control, we reached out more in group texts, we spent a little more time cleaning, cooking, or just hanging out. There was a novelty to it and a sense of purpose as we protected ourselves, our loved ones, and the most vulnerable in our communities.

But, as time has moved on, it’s becoming more challenging as more things shut down one by one. The latest shutdown that cramps our new lifestyle is the National Parks.  People were enjoying the outdoors more than ever but now even that has changed.

I know that feeling uncertain is unsettling.  Just when we think, “ok, I’ve got this” something else changes.

Here are some tips to help you feel grounded when the ground seems to keep shifting under your feet.

  1. Work out from home. 
    • If the weather is good, get out and walk in your neighborhood.  If you have an errand to run near your house, take a backpack and walk to the store.
    • Utilize apps that can help your work out.  The Apple Store has many apps including Nike Work out, Pelaton (you don’t need a machine) and Wakeout-an app that teaches you how to build in movement in your day to day activities. Tabata will do the counting and workout guide for you.
  2. Keep in touch with loved ones
    • Group texting
    • Factime
    • Skype or Zoom or other video calls
    • Houseparty app-a group video up to 8 people that allows for silly games and fun
  3. Learn and study from home
    • Pick up that instrument you’ve been meaning to learn. There are plenty of learning videos on line
    • Learn a language
    • EPIC-a library for kids
    • Kahoot!-helps students take quizzes
    • Khan Academy-helps kids’ study from elementary to AP tests
  4. Meditate
    • Balance Meditation
    • Shine, Calm Anxiety and Stress-created by mental health professionals
    • Ten Percent Happier Meditation for beginners
  5. Get enough sleep       
    • It’s easy to watch t.v. late to help manage anxiety. Please turn it off! Get your rest.
  6. Eat the rainbow
    • Fruits and vegetables are a great first line of defense
    • Healthy fats: avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, organic butter, ghee
    • Lean protein-beans, poultry, pork, red meat, wild game, eggs, nuts, seeds
  7. Avoid
    • Processed foods
    • High sugar foods and beverages
    • Fried foods
    • Limit alcohol intake

If you need additional support, I am working remotely and find that video conferencing is a perfect way to meet.  Feel free to book an appointment on line or call, email, or text me. 

Wishing you and yours safety and wellness!

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