It seems there is only one thing on everybody’s mind: COVID 19. In all the conversations I’ve had with friends, families, and neighbors, everyone is having difficulty describing the experience that they are having.  I’ve heard it described as “challenging, trying, difficult, and historic.”  I’ve heard people describe that they are feeling “isolated, anxious, depressed, less connected and fearful.”  I’ve heard people say they are enjoying the opportunity to “slow down, de-clutter, re-assess and get more connected.”

As people continue to try navigating living together 24/7 we find: 

We are seeing a rise in domestic violence worldwide.

People are worried about their jobs and their finances.

People are drinking more.

Parents are unsure how to manage working from home full time while homeschooling children.

Adult children struggle to meet their elderly parents needs who are isolated in care homes and cannot have outside visitors.

Pleasure in a Pandemic

Spring has sprung, the flowers and trees are beautiful. Get outside and enjoy

The weather has warmed. Go for a walk in your neighborhood.  And then, go again.

Enjoy spending more time together, playing board games, watching movies, going for walks.

Speak to someone you don’t know. A cashier, a neighbor, someone you are waiting in line with.  Most of us are needing human contact.

Do something kind for someone you know or a stranger

Accept a kindness from a friend or a stranger

The best part is you get to choose!  You have control over the most powerful organ in your body-your brain!

It is easy for us to re-count all that is painful about this pandemic. Afterall, we are hard wired to go into the fight or flight response when we are stressed.  Every day brings new challenges but also the opportunity to find some pleasure.

The question is, do you have the skills to wire your brain using positive messages and a healthy lifestyle to use this time for learning about yourself and others, enhancing relationships and enjoying your life.

Please join me for a 3 Part Webinar Series on How to Manage the Sandwich Generation During the COVID 19 Quarantine. 

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