I’m not a big celebrity follower. I don’t watch E! or any of the awards shows, however, I love music. I’ve always loved music and I love to sing. Not that I’m very good at it but I’ve always appreciated talented musicians and Whitney Houston was one of my favorites. I remember when she had just started out, none of my friends had heard of her but I’d already bought her first album and knew all the words to all the songs.

She had it all. She was gorgeous and talented. A voice like no one else’s. But clearly something was missing for her. Something was causing her deep pain because she was also chemically dependent.

Two days after her death, I am reminded of how powerful the disease of addiction is. I am reminded that while one might appear to have it all, this disease wants to take it all from you. This disease is tricky, evil, and so often fatal.

I’ve worked with chemically dependent people for almost two decades. I love my work. I have never found brighter, more resilient, caring, loving people as I have in my patients and clients. Unfortunately, society often does not respect people who are chemically dependent. People think that changing chemical dependency is just a matter of willpower or a moral compass gone astray. I am here to tell you it is real. It is a disease that ravages mind, body, and spirit-if one lets it.

I can only hope that Whitney Houston’s death will not be in vain. Not only that her record sales will soar and a new generation will hear her voice but also perhaps a new start for understanding, funding, supporting and helping those that continue to live on with addiction.

I specialize in working with chemically dependent people who are looking to improve their chances of recovery through nutrition and psychotherapy. Please contact me for a session at vicki@yourhealthystructure.com

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