**In honor of Memorial Day, I’d like to say there is one thing we should never forget: freedom is not free. Thank you to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve to protect this great country of ours.**

    Has this ever happened to you?   I had timed leaving the house perfectly for a meeting. I had my purse and keys in hand and I was walking out the door, remarkably, on time. All I needed was my glasses. I went to get them. Afterall, I always leave them in the same place. Mmm, they’re not there. Maybe I left them upstairs? Nope, not there. Maybe they’re on the nightstand. Noooo….now the anxiety is building. Round two, look in all the same places again (did I think they’d reappear?) I can’t drive with out them. Where are they???
    The end of the story is that I found them but I was fifteen minutes late for my meeting!
    How much time did you waste this week looking for your keys, your glasses or trying to remember why you walked into that room?  It’s maddening isn’t it?
    As we age, we do lose some of our ability to remember things.  However, I am learning that our brain is an amazing organ that can age as gracefully as we’d like if we treat it well.
    I recently attended a wonderful half day seminar on brain health by Dr. Paul Nussbaum called “Your Brain Health and Brain Health Lifestyle”.  He talked about five areas of our lives that we need to maintain in order to keep our brains active and healthy throughout our lives.
They are:
  • Socialization-Remain integrated and involved in your community, develop hobbies, build a network of
    family and friends, do not retire i.e. maintain a role in society that creates meaning for you.
  • Physical activity-Walk, dance, write with your non-dominant hand. 25% of the blood goes to the brain.
  • Mental stimulation-Learn new things, travel, play games, do puzzles, surf the web, listen or play music.
  • Spirituality-30 minutes a day.  Relax, pray, meditate, say “no”, have family meals, be mindful.
  • Nutrition-Eat whole, healthy foods.  

    Here is a Top 10 List of Brain Boosting Foods

  • Blueberries-High in antioxidants which decreases free radical damage, a natural occurrence in our bodies
  • Salmon-High in Omega 3’s, a healthy fat that helps develop brain tissue
  • Flax seeds-Also high in Omega 3’s
  • Mixed Nuts-helps boost our memories
  • Eggs-High in Choline, needed for memory function
  • Whole Grains-High in fiber, vitamins and folate
  • Broccoli-Aides in Memory
  • Avocados-Aides in blood flow
  • Green Tea-High in antioxidants and aides memory and focus
The old saying, “use it or lose it” couldn’t be more true than it is with our brains, so go out there and go for a walk, climb a mountain, work a jigsaw puzzle, take a class, learn to dance.


    Eat healthy and whole foods and enjoy using your time for something besides looking for your missing glasses!
For more information on brain health, check out Dr. Paul Nussbaum’s website at:  http://www.paulnussbaum.com/ or contact me for an free consult at vicki@yourhealthystructure.com.
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