Does this sound familiar? Mornings are just crazy with everyone rushing around the house trying to get out the door with lunches, books and briefcases. Darn! You meant to make some breakfast but now, there just isn’t time. You grab a bagel or a Poptart or you skip breakfast and figure you’ll find something at the office, even though you KNOW there isn’t anything to eat there.

(Did you think someone built a cute little café in your building overnight)?

An hour or so later, you are hungry and having trouble concentrating on your work-the dreaded brain fog. You may even feel a little shaky or irritable. You grab a sugary snack or a cup of coffee, feel a little better and anxiously wait for lunch.
That shaky, brain foggy feeling is from your blood sugar dropping. Reaching for the caffeine or sugary snack will jack up your blood sugar quickly so you will feel better quickly but unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. Sugar and caffeine are not the healthiest way to raise your blood sugar and sets you up for being on this roller coaster all day long.

This sugar yo-yo is a sure formula for gaining weight and being in danger of becoming diabetic.

The trick is to keep you blood sugar stable all day. That means that you need to eat three meals a day and a couple of healthy snacks. It takes a little planning but it is worth the effort because you will feel clear headed, productive and calm all day.

Cinnamon is helpful in maintaining blood sugar. There have been many studies that show that it helps to regulate blood sugar by decreasing insulin resistance. Some studies show that cinnamon enhances insulin’s effectiveness. There are some studies that are not as clear but y’know what? It can’t hurt to use some every day. Cinnamon tastes good and goes great on oatmeal, it can be used in cooking meat for a Mediterranean style meal and is awesome on popcorn!

It also has many other healing properties that make it a healthy choice.
Work on getting up a little earlier so you have time for breakfast and sprinkle a little cinnamon on your oatmeal or toast with banana’s and raisins. One quarter teaspoon a day is all you need!

To Your Good health!


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