I used to be an all or nothing dieter.  I would make a plan in my head of the foods I was going to eat or avoid and feel really strong about it.  And then, before I knew it, I would cave. I would decide to “just eat one”.  It might be an Oreo or Chips Ahoy, my two favorites, or maybe it was a lightly salted chip, yum!  Suddenly, I was off to the races!  Once I ate one, I would decide, “Oh heck, I’ve blown it, I might as well eat what I want!”  And I would.

Does this sound familiar?

Creating a healthy relationship with food means creating balance.  It is NOT an all or nothing proposition.

That means that we cannot be perfect all the time so when we choose to eat a special treat, it also means we should enjoy it, savor it and then move on.  A small serving of cake or a couple of cookies does not mean you need to eat the whole cake or bag.

If you feel deprived, you are often also feeling frustrated, angry and maybe even sorry for yourself.  It’s a recipe for disaster and creates yo-yo dieting.

5 Easy Steps to Avoid the “Aw, heck, I Blew It” syndrome

1.  Remember that you always have a choice.  Don’t tell yourself, “I can’t have that…”  Tell yourself that you CAN have it but at the moment, you are choosing not to.  It is not a matter of willpower, it is always a matter of choice.

2.  Eat healthy foods that you enjoy every day.  If you don’t like broccoli, don’t eat it just because you know it’s good for you.  Find another vegetable that you do like and eat it instead.

3.  Treat yourself to special foods in small amounts that you can control. Know what your “trigger” foods are, the foods that get you off and running and try to avoid them.  Put your treat on a plate, savor it, enjoy it and be mindful when you are eating it.

4.  Eat healthy choices 85-90% of the time.  No one is perfect.

5.  Forgive yourself if you slip up.  Creating a healthy relationship with food is a journey and can take a long time. Be patient and forgiving of yourself!

If you think you might need some extra help in getting comfortable with your relationship with food, contact me at vicki@yourhealthystructure.com for a free 30 minute consult (an $80.00 value).

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