This is the time of year we all set goals to make changes in our lives. Sometimes the goals are big and bold, like trying to find a new job. Sometimes they are small, but still important, like promising yourself you will finally clean out that messy closet.

I have personal and professional goals for this coming year and one of them includes you!

My goal is to write a weekly blog about nutrition and lifestyle issues. I get asked a lot of questions when I am lecturing or spending time with friends and I know, from personal experience, the information out there can be VERY confusing, contradictory and controversial!

I want to help you sort through the information so that you can make healthy choices for yourself and your loved ones.

I need your help, too. If you have a specific question you’d like answered, please email me at I will find the answer and write the blog for you. I want this to be a dialogue and I want us to have some fun together.

    • Here are some of the topics I already have planned:
  • Which is better, butter or margarine?
  • What’s the difference between sea salt and table salt?
  • What’s a GMO?

You get the idea…

Today’s Nutrition Question

Can soft drinks count towards my daily water intake?

When I talk about water, most people begin to glaze over a bit. Everyone knows they need to drink water, right?

But did you know about the following benefits?

Preventing Brain Damage

The brain is 85% water.  Even a 1% decrease can cause the brain to not function properly.


Hydration helps the body to manufacture serotonin, a neurotransmitter, that helps with mood regulation. Serotonin helps you feel calm and happy.

Sleep disorders

Helps with the manufacturing of melatonin which helps us fall asleep.

Lack of energy

Water helps manufacture electrical and magnetic energy giving us a boost.

Attention deficit

A hydrated brain is energized and can imprint new information better.

Soft drinks on the other hand, do not have any nutritional value. Technically, since we are all biochemically different, some people could drink a soft drink and they might be hydrated while others would be dehydrated.

Consider these facts:


If you drink a soft drink made with artificial sweeteners, you are drinking chemicals that change into other chemicals in your body. For many people, this causes health issues including headaches, muscle twitching or hormonal blips.


An 8 ounce can of soft drink has ten teaspoons worth of sugar which can be disastrous for your insulin-blood sugar cycle AND be a contributor to those stubborn pounds you can’t seem to get rid of.

Bone Health

Did you know the phosphorous in the soft drinks leaches calcium from your bones?

You decide: Choose to drink water, which is a chemical-free nutrient that your body recognizes and needs or choose to drink a soft drink that is a chemical soup and nutrient depleting.

Recipe for SPA water

Fill container with water (filtered if you’ve got it)
Slice cucumbers and lemons
Add to water and let soak for several or more hours.


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