What is In Your Food When It is Genetically Modified? 

Part I

Have you ever read a food label and seen it say “non-gmo”.  Have you ever wondered what that means?  If you have, you are not alone.  Most American’s are not familiar with the term GMO or genetically modified organisms.  They are in almost everything you buy so it is important that you do take some time to learn about them and decide if they are something you are comfortable consuming or not.

GMO’s are plants that have had foreign genes forced into their DNA. That means that bacteria and viruses from OTHER SPECIES have been injected into the plants DNA so that the plant will do something new that it would not have done if it was growing naturally.  In most cases, it means that the plant will be bred to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides, allowing the farmer to spray chemicals on his field that will not harm the food that is growing.  In theory, it sounds like a great idea.  We can kill weeds and bugs and the plant stays strong and continues to grow. 

Unfortunately, it’s not as wonderful as it sounds.  The process used in altering the plants is not a natural process.  Some of the issues that occur with the GMO plants include:

  • Mutations in the plants DNA
  • Natural genes may be deleted or permanently turned off
  • Genes may change in their behavior
  • Inserted genes may be damaged or rearranged and create proteins that trigger allergies or disease

Why if this important?

 The FDA stated in 1992 that there was no difference between the safety of conventionally grown products and GMO’s.  Since that policy statement has come out, many scientists have come forward with many studies showing that this is simply not true.  Companies that are producing GMO’s, under FDA ruling, are the same companies that are testing and proving the safety of the products. There is no third party providing oversight.

Stay tuned for more information on GMO’s in Part II of my blog.

 Resources for Learning More

 Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith

Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith


I have been trained to speak publicly on GMO’s by Jeffrey Smith, the world’s leading authority on GMO’s.  If you are interested in having a presentation at your organization, please contact me at vicki@yourhealthystructure.com to make arrangements.

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