Where will I find GMO products?

Part II

GMO plants are used in almost all processed foods.  If you are eating processed foods, you are eating GMO products. The main foods that are GMO on the market are corn, soy, beets, canola, and cottonseed.  Alfalfa spouts were approved in March, 2011.  Besides using these foods in processed products, these plants are fed to animals as feed.  If you eat a non-organic animal product, it is likely you are consuming GMO plants.

 What happens to me when I eat GMO’s?

 In the UK, when GM soy was introduced, allergies to soy increased by 50%

  • In a skin prick test, participants reacted to the GMO soy but not the non-GMO soy
  • Some testing has shown that GM soy has 7 times the allergens than conventional soy
  • New allergens have been created
  • BT corn and cotton has created an allergic reaction on the skin when handled
  • Animals in lab tests have shown intestinal and immune system issues
  • Mice fed GM products produced smaller babies and over time fewer babies
  • Babies died 3 weeks after being born when fed GM foods
  • When animals are given the choice, they choose non-GM foods
  • Mice showed liver damage when fed GM foods

 What happens to the environment when GM products are grown?

 Nature is resilient. The more we spray chemicals on the plants, the hardier the weeds become.  Farmers are using more chemicals than ever to control the environment

  • Increased use of pesticides and herbicides are polluting our waters in run off
  • GM crops can cross contaminate non-gm crops as particles move in the air. These plants will be altered permanently
  • Biotech companies have patented their seeds.  Is it possible that biotech companies could some day control the food chain?

 What should I do?

Become an informed and educated consumer. Do your research.  Learn about GMO’s so you can make a decision about whether or not you want to eat these plants and feed them to your family.

 I don’t want to eat GMO’s. Now what?

Read labels.  If a product is organic it cannot contain GMO products by law.  If the label says non-GMO, trust that it is.  If it does not state that and there is corn or soy in the product, assume that GMO plants have been used.  Trader Joe’s, a chain grocery store, has a company policy of not selling any GMO products under their trade name.  This includes animal products like chicken.

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