Diet is a Four-Letter Word!

I’ve never liked the idea of a “diet”.  Diets mean that there is a starting and a stopping point.  Since when did you “start” eating and then “stop?”  Last time I checked, eating was something we all had to do every day, for our entire lives.  Why would we think that changing our habits for a limited time would bring us lasting results?

What is the answer?

The answer is that there is not one particular diet that works for everybody.  We are all different and our biochemistries will influence how we metabolize our food.  That being said, there are certain guidelines that do apply to all of us.

Create Lifestyle Changes

Food often has an emotional charge to it.  Did your family celebrate with food?  When you think birthday, do you think, cake?  When you think Thanksgiving, do you think, turkey?  Can the smell of a food bring back a childhood memory?  Do you remember what your grandmother used to fix for you? Of course!

Creating changes in our lives means exploring all aspects of our lives.  Learning what your emotional relationship to food is will help you make the healthy lifestyle changes that you are yearning for.

6 Quick-Start Changes to Make

  1. Drink plenty of water.  Most of us are perpetually dehydrated.  We often mistake hunger for thirst.  You should drink one half of your body weight in ounces each day.  For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, you should drink fifty ounces of water.  The water we get in our food counts, too!
  2. Get rid of the white stuff: refined flour, sugar and artificial sweeteners.  These items are not real food. They do not have any nutrients and actually deprive your body of much needed nutrients.  Replace with nutrient dense, yummy foods like brown rice, maple syrup and quinoa.
  3. Eat green! Romaine, spinach, parsley, Swiss chard, kale are all excellent choices.  These provide fiber and are rich in minerals.
  4. Get enough sleep.  Most of us try to get by on six hours or so.  Most people really need a minimum of eight.  Many studies show that we need sleep to reset our bodies and heal.  We make it difficult to lose weight when we don’t allow our bodies to do what they need to at night.  Turn off the TV and go to bed!
  5. Exercise.  Start out small, build up to 30-60 minutes a day.  Parking your car far away and taking the stairs also counts!
  6. Keep a journal. Keep track of all your feelings when you eat something.  Start learning what your triggers are when you eat and are not hungry.

Making changes in your lifestyle takes time.  You did not acquire your habits with food overnight and you cannot change them that quickly either!  With the right support, you can make lifetime changes that will change your life.  Call for a FREE 30- minute Breakthrough! Consult now ( a 80.00 value). Together we will create a crystal clear vision of your health goals.

*Vicki is not a nutritionist or dietician and does not practice as such.  She will help you with exploring the barriers and obstacles you may have in your life.  She will educate and guide you in creating new, healthy behaviors so you can create and experience success in your life.   Creating a clear vision may also include finding the appropriate professionals to help you meet your goals.

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