Congratulations, you’re pregnant!  Being pregnant can be one of the most magical times of your life.  It can also provoke lots of questions and anxiety.  You want to start taking care of that baby right away!  I assume that you have already been to see your doctor and that he’s told you a bit about what to expect physically. He’s also probably prescribed some vitamins for you to take. It’s a great start, but let’s not stop there!

Nutrition is the key to your baby’s health and development.

In the 1930-1940’s , Dr. Weston Price, D.D.S., did some elegant and important research.  Financing this research himself, he and his wife spent years traveling all over the world, studying aboriginal people.  He studied their dental caries (cavities) and their facial and dental arches.  What he found was striking:  People who ate the foods that were indigenous to their culture and environment rarely had cavities.

Within one generation of being introduced to the diet of the Western culture, however, children suffered with crowded teeth, from cleft palate, and teeth that rotted quickly.

What does this mean for you today?

Dr. Price knew seventy years ago that our diet was important to future generations.  He knew that the Western diet, heavily laden with sweets and white flour, did not support a healthy generation of newborns. YOU have the benefit of his research!

Our world is toxic.  Every day we are bombarded with chemicals in our food, air and water.  Remember, your growing baby is exposed to everything you are. While there are many things in this world that you simply cannot avoid, you can change your diet to support yourself and your baby during this critical developmental time.

5 Important and Easy Changes to Make Right Now

  1. Eat organic foods.  If think you cannot afford organic, try these helpful tips: Eat seasonal and local foods, as they are often cheaper.  Also, scout out farmers’ markets in your area. Food there is often organic and affordable.
  2. Avoid heavily processed foods.  Heavily processed foods — those foods in the middle of the grocery store — are laden with chemicals, pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).
  3. Eat fish moderately in order to avoid heavy metals.  Eat fish that are small and wild-caught.  The larger the fish, the more fat they have, the more fish they have eaten, so the more chemicals are lurking in their bodies.  Wild-caught sardines and wild-caught salmon are two good fish choices.
  4. Drink filtered water! There are many water filters on the market today.  It is fairly easy and inexpensive to install one in your kitchen for drinking and cooking.  Save money on bottled water by filling glass or steel drinking containers, right from your kitchen sink.
  5. Remove all the white stuff: refined flour and sugar, and artificial sweeteners.  Avoid flour pasta, donuts, cookies, candy, soda, white rice.  Replace with yummy alternatives like quinoa (a whole grain found in most grocery stores), brown rice, rice pasta, fruit, smoothies made with fresh ingredients, water and lemon, herbal tea.

For more information on keeping those new family jitters in check, contact me for a 30-minute FREE Breakthrough! Consultation (a $80.00 value).

*Vicki is not a nutritionist or dietician and does not practice as such.  She will help you with exploring the barriers and obstacles you may have in your life.  She will educate and guide you in creating new, healthy behaviors so you can create and experience success in your life.   Creating a clear vision may also include finding the appropriate professionals to help you meet your goals.

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