We all are bombarded with nutritional information all the time. Diets to try, super foods that we must have, foods we must avoid. It’s all very confusing and often we don’t know what to do or who to believe.

Holistic nutrition is based on looking at each individual and what their nutritional needs are at a cellular level. Think about what happens when a house is built. The first thing that the builder does is make sure the soil can hold the house up. Then, the foundation is poured. If the foundation is made of faulty material or the soil is not packed properly the foundation will crack or shift. The house itself will not stand up and certainly not last for years or withstand a storm.

Our bodies are the same. Nutrition is literally our foundation. If we eat poor quality foods, eat too much or not enough, over time, our bodies will not be able to withstand the toxins, the stress, or the day to day wear and tear without becoming sick. Holistic nutrition looks at nutrition from this cellular level to insure that your foundation is strong and that you can support your body with what it needs to not only survive but to thrive so that you can enjoy your life and live at the optimal level.

Holistic nutrition educators work with clients one on one or in group settings to evaluate and educate on how to optimize what you eat to feel and look your best.

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