Dr. Vicki Steine has a Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than seventeen years experience in both in-patient and out-patient settings.

After sustaining near fatal injuries in a 2010 boating accident, she has healed using traditional and non-traditional treatment in her recovery.  Valuing both modalities, she is a passionate believer in and teacher of the power of personal responsibility in health and wellness.

Dr. Vicki joined Parkaire Consultants,,  in E. Cobb, Marietta in March of 2012 as a private practice clinician.  Parkaire Consultants specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and mood disorders such as ADHD, Bi-polar, Tourette’s syndrome, Executive Dysfunction, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety and depression.  Dr. Vicki works with children, adults and families as a psychotherapist and educator.  She uses psychotherapy as well as her education in holistic nutrition to teach lifestyle changes to support behavior changes and improve her client’s mental health.

In the past, she has volunteered her services as a nutrition educator for Talbott Recovery Campus and Talbott at Dunwoody,  Operation Frontline, a program for middle schoolers, the Mary Hall Freedom House, a half-way house for chemically dependent women, Emerging Healthcare and The Jobri Center for Integrative Health.

She combines her skills as a social worker with her knowledge of the benefits of a “wholistic” approach to mental health.  Her approach to mental health includes incorporating many modalitites such as Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy,  Tapping, Tai Chi, good nutrition,  exercise, community, and spirituality.  She has developed and presented education programs on nutrition  in her community.  Dr. Vicki works in conjunction with several physicians in the Atlanta community.

Dr. Vicki is not a dietician or nutritionist and does not practice as such.  She does not diagnose or treat illness as a dietician would.

Dr. Vicki Steine is not a medical doctor. She will not prescribe drugs, diagnose illness, cure any disease nor recommend any changes of your prescribed medications.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition specializing in mental health.  She will refer to and consult with other health and medical professionals when appropriate.

Client agreement:  it is my understanding that there can be no guarantees in the field of health. I am willing to work to implement dietary and wellness changes into my lifestyle for the betterment of my health, and I realize that there are no magic pills that can reverse the problems caused by an improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle and many years of bad choices. The work will be up to me, with Dr. Vicki Steine serving as a guide and educator.

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