Happy Mother’s Day

Today is mother’s day.  Even though it’s a “hallmark” holiday, it is still nice to remember or acknowledge the women in our lives who have cared for us, nurtured us and loved us.  Friends, aunts, grandmothers and sisters all mother us from time to time. 

My husband gave me a Mothers Day card. On the front is a picture of a boy, face scrunched up, holding a piece of broccoli.  It says, “Thanks for teaching me that vegetables are my friend”. On the inside, it says, “well, most of them anyway!”  My husband editorialized the card by writing on the front, “thanks for teaching our kids.” Mother’s teach their kids lots of stuff but teaching them to eat broccoli and other fruits and veggies is definitely one of the most important, life giving lessons a mom can give.  Feeding our families is certainly one of the most powerful ways that we convey our love for them.  So add a little more green and a little less white flour and sugar to your menu’s and let them know how much you really care!

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