basket of vegetablesLet food be thy medicine and thy kitchen be thy apothecary – Hippocrates

At Your Healthy Structure, my primary focus is to help you create welless.  I define wellness not just by the absence of disease and illness but by improving your ability to enjoy the people in your life, find meaning in your work, joy in each day and your ability to sleep deeply and restfully at night.

I specialize in working with children and adults with ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety/depression, and Tourette’s syndrome. I also work with individuals, couples, and families dealing with daily life stressors.

I have a Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I use a “wholistic” approach to you or your child’s mental health.  When  working with you or your child, I teach the tools that you need  so that you can fly on your own, experiencing your life to the fullest.

Most importantly, I can help you implement lasting changes to maintain those goals.

Psychotherapy and lifestyle education can help you:

Relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

Sleep better

Improve your personal relationships whether at home or at school

Enjoy life and have more energy every day

I listen closely to your needs while moving at your pace and supporting you in the decisions you choose to make for your improved health/mental health.  I can support you in making lasting changes that you may need to make based on your doctors advice.

Contact me today to schedule your consultation and begin living your life or helping your child live his/her life more fully.

*Dr. Vicki is not a nutritionist or dietician and does not practice as such.  She will help you with exploring the barriers and obstacles you may have in your life.  She will educate and guide you in creating new, healthy behaviors so you can create and experience success in your life.   Creating a clear vision may also include finding the appropriate professionals to help you meet your goals.

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